Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bar The Door

A municipal court judge in South Carolina was suspended on an interim basis. One unusual aspect of the court's order brings to mind the much publicized case from Nevada involving Judge Halverson:

"respondent is prohibited from entering the premises of the Saint George or Cottageville Municipal Court unless escorted by a law enforcement officer after authorization for any such entry by the Chief Magistrate of the county in which the court is located. Finally, respondent is prohibited from having access to, destroying, or canceling any public records, and he shall immediately release any public records in his possession to either the Chief Magistrate of Colleton County or the Chief Magistrate of Dorchester County, depending on whether the records pertain to Cottageville or Saint George."

The order further provides that the municipalities need not pay his judicial salary during the period of suspension. (Mike Frisch)


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