Monday, January 28, 2008

No Hand Wringing

I have often expressed dismay at the time and effort (and occasional bad results) that exemplifies the process of obtaining reciprocal discipline in the District of Columbia for misconduct established by another jurisdiction's disciplinary system. For better or worse, the Supreme Court of Georgia does not agonize over the final orders of a sister jurisdiction. In a reciprocal case from Arizona, where the attorney had been suspended for four years followed by two years probation, the court noted that there was nothing much in the record about the nature of the misconduct and that the lawyer had objected to reciprocal discipline. The court suspended the lawyer in Georgia until reinstatement is obtained in Arizona. In D.C., this case would have taken several years and at least one round of briefs. In the end, I'd bet that little in the way of final discipline would be recommended. (Mike Frisch)

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