Monday, December 10, 2007

"We Applaud, But..."

The Arkansas Supreme Court denied reinstatement to a former attorney who had been disbarred in 2000. The applicant's post-disbarment career has been as a "credentialed secondary education teacher." The finding that he had failed to establish present good moral character was based, in part, on a letter that he had submitted in connection with the reinstatement. The letter stated that the applicant had "reimbursed all the parties involved in my misconduct to the best of my knowledge." In fact, restitution was not made to two persons until several months later. The misrepresentation was found to be "either intentional or grossly negligent...While we applaud his achievements since disbarment, we cannot ignore the similarity between his misrepresentations in his October 16, 2005 letter and the lapses in judgment that gave rise to disbarment." (Mike Frisch)

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