Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Voting Ends Jan. 2 for ABA Top 100 Law Blogs

I cannot get the ABA icon-link to download (unlike some legal ethics sites which feature it on their blog's title-page screen shot -- I am envious of their tech know-how), so here is a retrograde-luddite mere textual link to the voting site.  So far we are ahead of the website that discusses the intersection of law and magic tricks.  I assume that is about some new sentencing guideline that forces a hardened criminal to watch David Blaine hold his breath, despite eighth amendment concerns.  To me, the only thing more painful and stultifying to watch is reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, especially the family interactions.  Buy a lock on the door, for crying out loud!  I would certainly rather watch paint dry, especially if there is a morning line on puce.  Jeff, on the other hand, would form a fantasy paintdrying league and name himself the commissioner.  Mike would paintstakingly locate the paint cans with inadequate warning labels.

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I'm surprised you have trouble getting the ABA icon to appear. You seem to have no trouble at all making paid advertisements appear on your blog.

Posted by: Andrew Perlman | Dec 12, 2007 11:44:39 AM

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