Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Book Out on the Joys and Opportunities of Solo Practice

Solobychoice Long-time blawger (and Maryland attorney) Carolyn Elefant has announced here on her MyShingle site the publication of her new book on solo practice, called Solo by Choice.  Ordering details from Amazon are here

No truth to the rumor that Lindsay Lohan will play her in the Lifetime Channel movie, nor that yesterday Jamie Lynn Spears was suddenly and inexplicably dropped from the casting. 

Unrelated, except in the sense of people I sort of know writing books, and equally unsolicited:  my former student, Kathleen Hammer, has just published a hands-on workbook or journal to help children and others through the grieving process.  It is called How Do I Go On Without You?  Ordering details from are here.  Part of the description:

This book was written by a teacher after her father died, to provide others (adults and children) with a place to record their cherished memories of a loved one who has died. This book is in an interactive journaling format with writing prompts on each page and occassional introduction paragraphs for each section.

[Alan Childress]

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