Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Attorney Reinstated: Three Month Suspension Imposed In 1975

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the reinstatement of an attorney suspended for "engag[ing] in a wrestling match with a deputy sheriff...[d]uring the course of the scuffle Petitioner removed a loaded .38 caliber revolver from his pocket." He was found guilty of simple assualt. He also had recommended that a non-lawyer employ him and engaged in a "sham" withdrawal to secure a hearing postponement.

The suspended attorney had moved to Florida and run a costume jewelry business and a delicatessen. He had been suspended for three months in 1975-- a 31 year hiatus from practice ("While this case is exceptional in the length of time between suspension and application for reinstatement, a 31 year absence from the practice of law does not, by itself, serve as an impediment to reinstatement.") He had been denied reinstatement twice within five years of the original suspension and had "engaged in threatening behavior against disciplinary counsel" in one of the failed attempts. (Mike Frisch)


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