Friday, December 14, 2007

From Supreme Court To Prison

A complaint recently filed by the Illinois ARDC alleges that the attorney had been convicted in federal court of bankruptcy fraud, obstruction of justice and possession of child pornography. The lawyer is presently serving a twelve year sentence. The facts alleged in the ARDC's charging document are pretty ugly:

"Debra [the attorney's ex-wife]filed an objection in the bankruptcy case to Respondent’s attempt to discharge his financial obligations to her. In January 2006, Respondent called Debra on the telephone, represented that he had had a sexual relationship with D.R.[his ex-wife's younger sister], and further informed Debra that he had taken sexually explicit photographs of D.R. Respondent informed Debra if she did not abandon her challenge in the bankruptcy case and agree to a new financial settlement in their dissolution of marriage case, he would mail the pictures of D.R. to Debra’s parents. Later in 2006, the Federal Bureau of Investigations retrieved copies of the pictures of D.R. from Respondent’s office."

This attorney was the subject of a bar proceeding that led the United States Supreme Court to permit an attorney to communicate that he or she is a certified specialist.  The Supreme Court's decision led to modification of ABA Model Rule 7.4 and the state bar rules that address the issue of certification of areas of specialization  in lawyer communications. (Mike Frisch)

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