Friday, November 23, 2007

South Carolina Update

The South Carolina State Bar, which had issued a statement of concern about actions taken to admit 20 applicants who had initially been advised that they had failed the bar exam, now expresses its satisfaction with the process:

“The South Carolina Bar appreciates the candor and responsiveness of the Supreme Court in its recent statement regarding the bar examination grading error.  The Bar recognizes that the Court had no obligation to explain its decision. Indeed, judicial independence and impartiality require the Court to be deliberative and to render opinions apart from external considerations.  However, in making the additional statement, the Court has put to rest any speculation concerning the facts.  The Statement further exemplifies the conscientiousness with which the Court addresses all the important matters that come before it. The Bar is confident that the Court has and will continue to maintain the integrity of the bar admissions process.”

That's a relief. (Mike Frisch)

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