Monday, November 19, 2007


Carr_160To those who know something about it, Lloyd Carr has a reputation of being a fine and thoughtful teacher.  His press conference announcing his retirement exemplified it.   What struck me was the honesty in a number of the answers:  not every kid is a great kid, but most of them are; that obviously something did take place out on the recruiting trail between Les Miles and him that caused friction; and, most of all, that he had come to the realization that while he still had passion for the game, he did not feel that he measured up any longer to the job.

I am happy to say today my son goes to school at the University of Michigan.  As much as both of us would have liked a different result in the football game on Saturday (and I wish he had worn a warmer coat), I don't think the class Lloyd displayed, given the values of the institution, is a coincidence, and I hope we all take something from it.

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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