Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bizarre Citation Credit!

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

The BE Press, makers of ExpressO, sends me periodic reports on papers submitted to the working paper database that contain various parameters I selected, including any reference to my name in the full text.  So I can see if I have been cited.  The e-mail identifies itself as "Citation Hits for JML" suggesting that it is doing a search on my full name.

Imagine, then, my surprise to find out, according to BE Press's Citation Hits for JML, I had been cited in a paper entitled Quantification and Confocal Imaging of Protein Specific Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Chinch and then again in Chinch Bug (Hemiptera: Blissidae) Mouthpart Morphology, Probing Frequencies, and Locations on Resistant and Susceptible Germplasm, and then again in, of all things, Thomas Jefferson University - A chronological history and alumni directory, 1824 - 1990, edited by Frederick B. Wagner, Jr., MD, and J. Woodrow Savacool, MD, 1992. This last predates anything I had written by some thirteen years.

The well-to-do side (not mine) of my father's family (his uncle and cousins) started a small business, called Lipshaw Manufacturing, many years ago in Detroit forging high quality pathology tools, like scalpels and forceps.  At some point, it started making more sophisticated equipment like centrifuges and other electronic lab equipment.  In the late 1980s, it merged into (or was purchased by) a company called Shandon, and if you do a Google search on "Lipshaw," you get a few references to me, several to Mattl1 the neuropathy paper my son Matthew (left) co-authored in the Nature Neurology journal, a number to, strangely, a NewLipshawmicrotome Zealand cricket player by the name of Stu Lipshaw, and the overwhelming majority to references in the scientific literature to experiments conducted on Shandon Lipshaw equipment, like the Lipshaw 45 Microtome at right.

BE Press is giving me citation credit for studies using equipment manufactured by the company my distant relatives sold twenty years ago.  How nice!  Imagine how many citations I'd have if my name were Smith.

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