Friday, October 12, 2007

Live from the MLEA

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

Law_logo_smAs I mentioned this morning, I'm at the University of Minnesota Law School for the Midwestern Law and Economics Association Annual Conference.   Myself excluded, the agenda includes an impressive group of speakers.

I spoke early today on Aboutness, Thingness, Models, and Understanding, and was not hit by a single tomato.  Somebody did pick up on my introductory reference to Stephen Stills at Woodstock.  He, of course, was ingesting recreational substances at the time; I was not.

The best thing about this has been the broad range of subjects, from financial services regulation to law school rankings to tissue transfer ("Gimme Some Skin:  When Tissue Banks Compete for Transplant Tissue, Who Wins?" by Robert Katz of IU-Indianapolis, which is going on right now).

Speaking of Stephen Stills and Woodstock, we are just now moving into medical marijuana exemptions, so I'm signing off.

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