Friday, October 12, 2007

Ins and Outs - The Complex Network of Judicial Clerk Referrals

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

When I posted on complexity theory some months back, I got a nice note from Daniel Katz, a Michigan Law School grad and a Ph.D. candidate in public policy at the Gerald R. Ford School at Michigan about networking among federal judges for the purpose of placing clerks.

I won't try to explain or theorize from this, but Dan and co-author Derek Stafford have studied the links between federal judges based on clerks they had in common, and the resulting visualization is available on his website.  The social networking effect is similar to images Bill Henderson provided earlier this year.

And speaking of Bill (and Indiana), Dan advises that he will be presenting the paper at the SEAL conference at Indiana in a couple weeks.  Look for the paper on SSRN in November.

* I'm in Minneapolis, presenting later today at the Midwest Law and Economic Association Conference.

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