Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Frivolous Litigation Leads To Disbarment

A Georgia attorney had "continually over the past ten years...filed...actions arising out of a judgment entered against him in a legal malpractice and fraud action in 1995 and the creditors' efforts to collect on that judgment." Courts had entered Bills of Peace and Perpetual Injunctions in a failed attempt to put the matters to an end. The Georgia Supreme Court had imposed sanctions for frivolous appeals three times. The court now has ordered disbarment: "[the attorney] has continued to plague the judicial system with untenable claims for purposes unbefitting of any member of this State's Bar...this Court has personally witnessed [the attorney's] recalcitrant behavior, including open disrespect towards the judiciary and the laws of this state."

In an unrelated matter, the court concluded that a long suspension, rather than disbarment, was the appropriate sanction for an attorney convicted of cocaine possession. The attorney had been in practice for 20 years without any professional discipline.(Mike Frisch)


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