Friday, August 3, 2007

Gallagher on the Law & Society Aspects of Intellectual Property

Posted by Alan Childress

A little off topic, but current to the afterglow of the Law & Society Association annual meeting in Berlin (which Jeff and others blogged on nicely over at PrawfsBlawg), is this new book just out: Intellectual Property, edited by Golden Gate's Bill Gallagher (right).  It collects essays from lots of great writers in Gallagherw_3 the area and is part of Austin Sarat's international essay series on law and society, with Ashgate Press.  Here is the order info link, and the book's description:

This book brings together articles by leading international scholars from diverse disciplinary perspectives who focus on the legal, social and cultural dimensions of intellectual properties - including patents, copyrights, Ashgatetrademarks, trade secrets and rights of publicity. These articles employ a creatively eclectic approach to the study of intellectual property law and policy viewed through the lenses of traditional doctrinal analysis, historical perspectives, critical cultural study, and empirical examinations of intellectual property in action. The volume also directs critical attention to the significance of intellectual property in contemporary processes of globalization and political economy.

Also newly published in the field is David Clark's Encyclopedia of Law and Society:  American and Global Perspectives (Sage), previously blogged upon here.  I contributed the entry on "lawyers and the legal profession."

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