Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cincinnati Law Prof Has Fifty Annuli; Botanists Stumped

CINCINNATI -- Doctors here consulted botanists and forestry experts in the strange case of a man who has shown his age. . .by growing tree rings.  Fifty of them as a matter of fact.

Annulus "I was just doing what my internist said I should do on turning fifty," said Paul L. Caron, Associate Dean of Faculty and the Charles Hartsock Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati Law School.  "I went in for the colonoscopy, and everything was copacetic from a polyp standpoint, but I appear to have grown fifty tree rings.  My proctologist told me it was the first time he ever had to call in a tree surgeon for a consult.  Personally, I was ashen."

Linguists were not surprised.  The word annulus, or tree ring, derives not from the Latin anno for year, but shares its root with anus.  "How appropriate for this to appear first during a colonoscopy," exclaimed Prof. Dr. F. Sigmoid Stammbaum of Humboldt University in Berlin.

Colleagues of Professor Caron also were not surprised, but most refused comment beyond snickering.  "I'm not going out on a limb," barked one harried blog editor in the far-flung Caron empire.  Another professor commented, "Most tax people are weenies, but Paul has really branched out, and managed not to sap himself in the process."

Caron is the editor of the wildly-poplar "Tax Prof Blog."  He turns fifty today, July 27, 2007.  His colleagues at LPB wish him a happy birthday and at least fifty more annuli.

[Assembled from wire service reports by Jeff Lipshaw]

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