Monday, July 9, 2007

"Breaking" Britney Civil Procedure News!

Posted by Allison Hayward

Of course, those of you who read the July 16 issue of the National Enquirer (available at newstands now, but online in a couple of days) probably saw this already, but for those who missed this story - Britney has has a "shocking confrontation" with her mother, and has spelled out "demands" 'in a stunning legal document" she "served" to her mother. 

A letter "written in the form of a poem" hinted at "dark secrets" and was accompanied by "legal papers" (apparently a "motion" she "intends to file" in court if mom doesn't stop "meddling in her life") as well as a copy of Britney's new will.  Her new estate plan cuts mom from the picture, and leaves her bounty to her sister, according to the Enquirer.

"Britney felt she didn't have any choice but to draft legal documents to file against Lynne if she does not stay away from (Britney's ex) Kevin."

What's wrong with this picture?  (Besides the notion that Britney Spears is out there somewhere drafting "legal documents")  California, like most jurisdictions, does not permit service by a party.

So whatever this was, it wasn't "service."

Want to help?  You could start with Larry Rudolph, her longtime (and perhaps present) manager, who has a MySpace page.

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