Saturday, June 23, 2007

Domestic Violence Requires Suspension

The D.C. Board of Professional Responsibility has recommended non-identical reciprocal discipline in a case involving domestic violence. The attorney had been censured by the New Jersey Supreme Court, which rejected a proposed three month suspension from its Disciplinary Review Board. The New Jersey court did not issue a written opinion explaining its reasoning, although it had warned the bar several years ago that domestic violence would result in suspension (the warning came in the case of In re Magid, 655 A.2d 916, where a deputy prosecutor was censured for a criminal conviction after he had severely beaten an office employee that he was dating).

The D.C. Board concluded that the violation of Rule 8.4(b)(criminal conduct that reflects adversely on fitness to practice) invariably requires a period of suspension in the District of Columbia. The Board recommends a sixty-day suspension and that the attorney "attend a program for batterers of women." (Mike Frisch)

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