Monday, June 4, 2007

Bar Discipline Implications of "Typhoid Perry" Mason?

Or maybe it is "Typhoid Marry" since he was so insistent on his post-nuptials.  Anyway, over at f/k/a, the always-insightful David Giacalone posts on Andrew Speaker, asking Should they disbar TuberculEsq?  Without more information on possible criminal charges or violations, David grudgingly concludes there may be little the bar can and will do now, but does point out the different pre-admission implications of such conduct had Speaker not already been admitted.  (I also doubt he can ever become a member of the Italian bar.)  David also links to other posts on the legal and civil liability implications of this TB situation (ironic since Speaker is a personal injury attorney).   

One non-ethics issue that further concerns me is the world's current perception of Americans abroad.  This guy is our latest ambassador of good will.  His actions fit the stereotype of the ugly, arrogant, and selfish American.  If they boo Miss USA in Mexico, imagine how people the world over will continue to react to such decisionmaking and actions as Speaker's -- and to the rest of us by association.  It makes matters worse that he and his family show such hubris and self-centeredness on Good Morning America and in Newsweek.  I expect to be having to disavow him constantly this summer, as if he somehow represents us.  Ugh.  [Alan Childress]

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Thanks for the pointer, Alan. You make a very good point about the image of Americans abroad. Of course, the darkening image for American Lawyers is even worse. It is rather sad when the phrases "you're an American" and "you're a lawyer" are almost always used by strangers as insults.

Posted by: david giacalone | Jun 4, 2007 10:54:00 AM

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