Friday, May 4, 2007

The Importance of Legal Secretaries to the Practice of Law

Posted by Alan Childress

Anyone who has actually practiced law knows my title is true and not at all patronizing.  I am reminded of a secretary at MoFo during my days there (long ago) who was efficient and accurate in nearly every way.  Even worked from dictation tapes.  I once dictated an 18-page memorandum on the merger agreement at issue in the case.  I got it back nicely typed and with no obvious errors, except for the 3081636_tape_recorder_2 -odd references to the murder agreement (for which, context was clear, our firm was in full support -- even demanding that it be enforced).  One might have thought the secretary would flinch or raise objection -- though perhaps not, out of personal fear -- but I honestly got the feeling that the secretary was just thinking, "meh, lawyers."  I never raised the subject.

I was thinking of that today as it occurred to me that lots of Akin Gump attorneys will watch 20/20 tonight in an effort to find out which legal secretary or paralegal there is associated with the D.C. Madam's escort service, as reported by WSJ Law Blog.  It's a story in which the firm's managers likely hope that there was no happy ending.

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