Friday, May 18, 2007

Public Service Announcement: Moving

Chances are that boxes were not included in the estimate.  Ask your mover if there are used boxes you can get for free.  In any event, buy wholesale from the mover and not retail at a self-storage facility.  Wardrobe The big wardrobe boxes were almost $16 at the storage facility where I have kept stuff for a couple years; the moving company didn't have any used, but the new ones were only $7.50.

Also, chances are that you have a moving allowance and not an all-expenses paid deal.  I had one of the latter once - de rigeur in the corporate world.  If you have ever watched the movers pack, it's amazing how much paper and how many boxes they canPropane pull out of the truck.  Doing it yourself (and, say, packing the fragiles in towels or clothing or whatever) saves a lot of money and is safer.

You cannot move a propane tank.  I wonder if there is a business in being a clearinghouse for the exchange of gas grill propane tanks for moving professors.  There must be somebody moving to Indy who needs a 3/4 full tank, and somebody who is leaving one behind in Boston.

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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I just got a load of boxes from The ones I got are in perfect condition -- they look like they're probably overstocks or misprints, rather than used -- and were about half the cost of getting them from my moving company. Plus, there's the nice recycling aspect.

Unfortunately, they don't carry wardrobe or dishpack boxes. But there are various online sources to get those cheaper than most movers charge too.

Posted by: eric | May 22, 2007 7:59:47 AM

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