Wednesday, May 2, 2007

NY Daily News Story on NY Lawyers Ripping Off Clients for Millions

The New York Attorney Malpractice Blog, here, links to this blog and quotes a detailed New York Daily News article on a slew of NY lawyers stealing client funds and overcharging clients.  The news report, by William Sherman, is "Rotten lawyers face raft of raps in ripoffs."  The examples, and in some cases the response by the bar, are sure to make Mike's blood pressure shoot to 300/200.  The story begins:27280_90927380

Meet some of New York's lousiest lawyers.

One spent $131,000 of his clients' money on vacations, jewelry, lingerie and home improvement.  Another charged 76 clients $11,500 each for filing a simple application that should have cost no more than $700.  And a third deceived an elderly couple into investing their life savings - $222,000 - in a suspect real estate deal.

All three lawyers are among the scores of attorneys cited for misconduct last year by judges of the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court. None has been disbarred.

However, to control Mike's BP, I note that some of the article's examples appear to involve interim suspensions while the bar process -- which may well lead to disbarment -- runs its course.  It does not 402880_69077498 help that in several instances the bar discipline inquiry is slowed by the fact that the lawyer is being flatly unresponsive.

[Alan Childress]

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