Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nancy Rapoport's Moving Story and The History of Blogging

Posted by Alan Childress
        Whether or not Nancy has already "sewn up," and therefore preempted competition in, Jeff's ProfMove contest, she certainly has proved the History of Blogging, a nice graph added by Ian Delaney of London, UK, to his Flickr photo site:


More to the point, her story supports the thesis of one commenter to Ian's site:  "the internet is just a pr device created by cats. one day they will rule us all."  I add:  Once again we are all saved, for the time being anyhow, by inertia and the lack of opposable thumbs.  Anyway, Nancy may not have made history with her post but she is part of it.  Good luck in Vega$!

[HatTip to Librarians Matter (exploring the value of mass "friending" on Twitter) via Freedom to Differ.]


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