Thursday, May 31, 2007

Failure To Respond Results In Disbarment

The Nebraska Supreme Court has little tolerance for lawyers who fail to adhere to the ethical obligation of an attorney accused of misconduct to respond to the allegations and participate in the proceedings. The court disbarred an attorney who was the subject of two complaints, one involving entrusted funds, and did not answer the charges or attend the hearing. The charges were established by judgment on the pleadings and disbarment was ordered. The attorney had been admitted in 2001--a short career at the bar.

Other jurisdictions--most notably D.C.-- are much more understanding of such studied indifference. (Mike Frisch)

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Your analysis is true some of the time, as they say its not who you know its who you... Plus the attorney might have wanted to avoid a costly fight that would have still resulted in disbarment and a hefty court bill for the rent-a-judges who are buddies with the justices and live off this work

Posted by: Dale Gribble | May 31, 2007 1:50:38 PM

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