Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Edition by July of Steinberg Casebook on Business Ethics

West announces its new 2d edition of Marc Steinberg (SMU Law [right]), Lawyering and Ethics for theMsteinbe Business Lawyer, slated for June 29 release.  It applies the problem method.  Its description is beneath the fold.  According to the webpage (so far), it is a pretty good deal:  "Suggested List Price: $0.00."  Still, some of my students would be asking me if it is OK to read the old 2002 edition and buy it cheap used.  And copy the model rules from a friend.  [Alan Childress]

"Description: This book is a timely and useful supplement to such basic courses as Professional Responsibility, business enterprises, and even commercial law. It may also be assigned in such classes as securities regulation, business/corporate ethics, and inside counsel. Indeed, a course in ethics for the business attorney may adopt this book as its primary source. The book uses the problem method to provide a concrete mode of analysis. This method works nicely to bring reality to the scene and energize the students. Rather than discussing abstract issues in a vacuum, the problem method in this setting enables students to apply the book’s materials to real situations. The book contains material devoted, for example, to the following subjects: 1) the role of the business lawyer; 2) identifying counsel’s client; 3) client-fraud dilemmas; 4) conflicts of interest; 5) role of in-house counsel; 6) related party transactions; 7) internal investigations; and 8) basics of business practice."

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