Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Certificate in Lapp Law Offered

Lapp To supplement its world-renowned international curriculum, the Tulane Law School announced today that it will be offering a mini-seminar next fall in the law of Lappland, to be conducted by Professor Lufnan "Loof" Lirpa of the Sverige-Suomi Institute of the University of Uppsala.  The one-credit offering will focus on the relationship between social norms and law, particularly in the herding of reindeer, the reaction of local population to the institution of the so-called "Arctic Magistrate's Tribunal," and the law of snow.

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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Jeff Harrrison will appreciate the fact that we are also adding a summer school there, one of the few summer schools offering 24/7 daylight partying.

Posted by: Alan Childress | Apr 1, 2007 3:37:45 PM

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