Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Judicial Temperament?

The Ohio Supreme Court recently entered an order indefinitely suspending an attorney who had engaged in misconduct as an appointed acting judge in municipal court. He had ordered payment of a fine. While paying the cashier, the person paying the fine said "the judge is a crook." The person was arrested on the judge's instruction, brought back into court and berated by the judge, who told him "You'll get a chance to prove whether you're guilty or not guilty." The person pleaded no contest to contempt and was fined (and presumably made no further remarks when paying the fine). He then complained about the judge, who falsely responded that he had personally heard the remark. The judge had also been convicted of attempted possession of drugs and had engaged in misconduct as an attorney by accusing opposing counsel of being a "pathological liar" and taunting another opposing counsel with "invectives, including profanities and racial slurs." (Mike Frisch)


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