Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gift for the Legal Profession? Billable Hour Clocks

Although Nancy Rapoport writes on the demise of the billable hour in the legal profession of The Future, there are still some pockets left of its occasional use.  One webplace, The Billable Hour, sells traditional-style analog watches and clocks -- but divided by tenths of an hour rather than five-minute increments.  They also sell law-related gifts and humorous greeting cards.  The timepieces do look like Main_custom lovely gifts for your Lawyer Loved Ones (that almost sounds oxymoronic), but really I don't think they are all that practical.  Could become like giving Black's Law Dictionary to an aspiring lawyer: they may not use it much but it is traditional.  Better than a tie or pen for Mother's Day or Father's Day. 

More to the point, my tip for hiring a lawyer is to avoid any that really has trouble calculating tenths of an hour in their heads.  Especially while being hopelessly distracted by the admittedly arbitrary and capricious norm that their regular clock draws a line every five minutes.  [Alan Childress]

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You're correct that the "tenth of an hour" watch isn't all that practical, but not necessarily for the right reasons. One click of a mouse button starts and stops my client clock running and switches between matters. At the end of the day, another click totals the time for each client matter and sends it all in to accounting. One especially nifty feature, for this baseball fan, is the counter that tells me that "at this pace" I'm going to bill 2400 hours this year.

Posted by: Jane Hicks | Apr 28, 2007 1:07:46 PM

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