Monday, March 5, 2007

Corn on a Better, Unified Military Law Education: Reforming JAG Schools

Posted by Alan Childress

Geoffrey Corn (South Texas College of Law), left, has posted to SSRN his article, "Developing Warrior Lawyers: Why It's Time to Create a Joint Service Law of War Academy."  It recommends updating and consolidating JAG education for the military legal profession.  It was published last Jcorngif year in Military Review.  Here is his abstract:

This article critiques the current military legal education paradigm. It asserts that one lesson from the Iraq War is that there is no longer sufficient justification to disperse law of war education for military attorneys among the different service Judge Advocate General's (JAG) schools. Instead, the Department of Defense should consolidate the 10m substantial expertise that exists throughout the military legal community into one center of excellence: a Joint Service Law of War Academy. This article asserts that such a center of excellence is essential to fully prepare military legal advisors for the demands of the modern battlefield.

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