Thursday, March 15, 2007

Admission Denied

sunEthics has a recent post of a decision of the Supreme Court of Florida rejecting a recommendation for conditional admission by its Board of Law Examiners. The applicant was found to have had an arrest record over a 13 year period with charges as recently as 2002. He also was found to have provided false information (1) to his law school in the admissions application, (2) to the court in his application to participate in a law school student practice program and (3) in his bar application. He had begun recovery from alcohol addiction but the court was "not persuaded that ... alcoholism excuses, explains or really addresses..lack of candor or honesty, or that there is even a nexus between alcohol and the most significant aspects of his egregious misconduct." A dissent favoring conditional admission suggests that the court failed to properly defer to its board's findings with respect to the facts and credibility determinations. (Mike Frisch)

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