Monday, February 12, 2007

Lawyer Civility and the F Bomb: Was This Email Re GE For Real?

Color me skeptical.  The Law Blog of the WSJ is reporting that a retired Gibson Dunn partner sent a "FY" note on behalf of GE to a prevailing litigant.  Nice press and all, and definitely involves the civility and professionalism issues we have been raising lately.  But I think we will soon find out that it was sent out by a prankmail site and is not really his.  It's just too easy to do this now. 631602_keyboard 

I am not naive about the possibility of somone saying the fword in an email, but I honestly do not see an experienced lawyer naturally saying "on behalf of" a client when he or she does not personally represent someone.  Even if the fword is now reflexive in society and even in the profession, I just believe a lawyer's DNA has no 657454_secret_revealed_1room for such gratuitous agency lingo. That is the alarm to me.  Prove me wrong.

[UPDATE:  I now have it on very good authority that I am wrong, that the email is real, and that Jeff can still use the example in teaching apparent authority.  And my off-the-record source is not even named Scooter or Deep Throat, nor for that matter is it Tim Russert.]

[Alan Childress]

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