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Gerry Spence's Trial Record

Midpicgerry On the way to looking something up, I passed through Gerry Spence's web site.  The site says this:  "He has never lost a criminal case. He has not lost a civil case since 1969. He has had more multi-million dollar verdicts without an intervening loss than any lawyer in America."  I take the factual claims at face value and do not dispute them.  But what does it mean?  When I was in litigation practice, the claim that you never lost a trial might actually mean you were settling too many cases too cheaply; that is, you were only trying the lay-down hands.

Or is it an aspect of the coordination function for great cases that I mentioned regarding David Berger?

Or is he just that good?

I can't tell.  I do think he's entertaining as hell, and charming as anything.  I was sitting in the back of the courtroom in the U.S. District Court in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1986, and he came in, sat down across the center aisle from me, and when he caught me in the act of staring at him, gave me a big wink and a smile.

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Gerry Spence, in fact, has lost a criminal case.
The case of State v. Earnest Newton.(in Wyoming state court system)
The jury threw out most of the counts against Newton.(finding not guilty after a jury trial). On the one other(last remaing count), the Supreme Court of Wyoming(in a reported decision) tossed it out ruling that part of the indictment was improper. Spence was then the D. A in Riverton. Later, Spence attacked the Supreme Court(Wyoming) in the case, the lawyers for Mr Newton, as he had a book contract with St Martins press, and NY editors who did a lousy job of checking facts for the book(as published)
Even more ironic, he seemed to claim he brought the indictment, after he had been contacted by then former Wyoming Governor, Milward Simpson, the father of Al Simpson, a U S Senator(ex) in
Wyoming, and big buddy of Dick Cheney. Even in Spence's book, most curiously. Spence ran on the GOP ticket for Congress in Wyoming, but never got to first base. His big political rejection in Wyoming.
How come Spence has not issued an apology to the Newton family, he keeps floating his story that he never lost a criminal case. Spence can't convict Mr Netwon in St Martins press--legally.
Yet, he has so many gullible people who buy his
P. R. Actually, there are more problems with Spences P. R. But space does not allow such to be addressed--here. Surely, many will swallow the bragging of Spence, and pay no heed to reality.
Feiger in Michigan is going to have a long hard road... Laws are there for a reason, and
Spence is now going to have the face the music...
At some point his bragging will unravel, as reality comes forth, and the words famed, and
famous, and celebrity lawyer only underscore some lust for the spot light, so the Newton matter gets in the way of the Hollywood like P. R---out of Spence CENTRAL CASTING.(bucksin and ALL, and the ALL hat no cattle..thing.)

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