Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Welcome Wagon: Securities Law Prof Blog. Empire Strikes Back.

Black_1 Cincy's Barbara Black (left) has started the Securities Law Prof Blog.  In her first two days and seven hours of blogging she has posted 21 newsy posts.  She has got to stop speeding up the assembly line (right) for the rest of us.  This will of course10056055_2 cause the guys at Workplace Prof Blog to call for all the bees in our Law Professor Blogs Network hive to unionize, if only to be able to pressure Professor Black into work-pace conformity.  And of course to influence local pols.  I can already see Paul Secunda wearing a smock and standing on top of his computer, holding a magic-markered Union Now! sign while all the other network hard disks are whirring around him.  His successful gadfly efforts will prompt him to say, "You like me, you really like me."  The lone unionization holdouts are the Aviation Law Prof Blog editors, still smarting from Reagan's hiring of scabs who thought that traffic control radar was a new version of Space Invaders and kept wondering why people were so upset when they "won."  And of course TaxProf.

Inevitably Pottersville's Paul Caron will threaten to outsource all the legal blog work.  You'll know this has happened when various LPB blog postings are signed by people named "Skippy Smith" and "Abraham Lincoln" (or they are just more insightful).  And the unionbusting outsource coup will be complete when one "Brian Lighter" reports that using a new set of more accurate criteria for rating U.S. law schools, it  turns out, surprisingly, both that the Number 1 school is Amity Law School and that they don't know where your luggage is either are you sure you even checked any bags? 

At the end of it all, as it completely unravels, Paul Caron is left pondering how it all began and what happened to his empire, indeed his very life.  It did not help that the WSJ law blog forced an LBO of the network and reduced Paul to blogging about what he had for breakfast (oatmeal, 10.3 oz., and prune juice) and how he feels about the 2000 election.  Law librarian Joe Hodnicki (who himself once excelled in his class on The Theory and Practice of Shhh) will find Paul nearly passed out in the stacks at the University of Cincinnati, whispering but one unintelligible word:  Roseblawg.

To Sec Law Prof, Welcome!  [Alan Childress]

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LOL. I'm happy to be compared to Norma Rae any day! And it is good to know that you really like me. - P.

Posted by: Paul | Jan 31, 2007 10:45:37 AM

:) Union, we ain't gonna have no stinkin' union in this blog-o-factory.

Posted by: Joe | Jan 31, 2007 5:51:49 PM

Ha! I love it. I just wish you'd worked Wall
Street in there ("Greed. . . is good!")

As for the pace of Securities LPB, it reminds me of the time my father worked on a cost-plus contract team and everybody around him told him to slow down!

Speaking of amazing Orson Welles films, I wish I recall the last lines of The Magnificent Ambersons....yet another industrially Icarian trajectory.

Posted by: Frank | Feb 1, 2007 8:14:54 AM

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