Thursday, January 18, 2007

Solum on Sea Changes to Scholarship in a Post-Net Profession

Posted by Alan Childress

Lawrence Solum (U. Ill), who also edits Legal Theory Blog, has posted to SSRN's journal on Law & Soc'y: Legal Profession his new article, "Download It While Its Hot: Open Access and Legal Scholarship."  The article is also published in 10 Lewis & Clark Law Review  841 (2006).  BTW, the title's "Its" was, I'm deducing, deliberate and must have driven the hives of student editors crazy.  135740_37762273 (Gotta like an SSRN piece with a keyword of 'disintermediation' that then disexemplifies it).  Certainly other blogs now posting about the article are quietly adding the apostrophe--too subtle, I guess.  Irregardless, hear is it's abstraction:

This Article analyzes the shift of legal scholarship from the old world of law reviews to today's world of peer reviews to tomorrow's world of open access legal blogs. This shift is occurring in three dimensions. First, legal scholarship is moving from the long form (treatises and law review articles) to the short form (very short articles, blog posts, and online collaborations). Second, a regime of exclusive rights is giving way to a regime of open access. Third, intermediaries (law school editorial boards, peer-reviewed journals) are being supplemented by disintermediated forms (papers on the Internet, blogs). Blogs and internet conversations between academics are expanding interdisciplinary legal scholarship and increasing the avenues of communication among legal scholars, practitioners and a wide array of interested laypersons worldwide.

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