Sunday, January 7, 2007

Six Degrees of Nancy Rapoport

Posted by Alan Childress
By way of my own welcome to Nancy Rapoport, whom Jeff substantively welcomed to LPB earlier, I The_crooked_e must note that his mention of her role in the Enron movie and listing on IMDB begs the question of her Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I can get her there in five.  You may be able to link her to Kevin in fewer, but my way has a special twist true to this blawg that I doubt works for your pathway:  in all five of the links I use, the linked character is a lawyer in at least one of their two roles (and sometimes in both).  I'd be impressed if your way is 100% legal profession immersed.  [Void in Wisconsin.  Nancy Rapoport and family may not participate.  Jeff will kill himself trying.]

As for my own connection to Nancy, unbeknownst to her or Mike and Jeff, I can link to her in three almost via the movies -- or officially in one step via the law firms (she may not know we both practiced with Morrison & Foerster in SF in the 1980s, albeit at different times [I am, of course, older]).  That links her as well to Charles Craver here at GW. 

By the way, if you are from Wisconsin, don't you hate it that you can never seem to play nationwide marketing contests?  Does not a towel appear in your every box of Breeze?  Anyway, we look forward to her contribution.

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