Monday, January 8, 2007

Heineman on The Lawyer as Leader

Posted by Alan Childress

Ben Heineman, a distinguished fellow at Harvard Law's Program on the Legal Profession and previously the GC of GE and its Senior VP, delivered the Pieskel and Silverman Lecture at Yale last year, and its text is posted here from the PLP website.  He spoke on "Law and Leadership." 

His call for unabashed acceptance of and training for the legal profession's role in leadership and decisionmaking--not just advising the leaders--is thought-provoking and concrete.  Other grad schools candidly and proudly train leaders, he reasons, so why should law schools squander the talent before them by deemphasizing their leadership potentials and emphasizing their "advisory" roles?  Good questions, with the start of some good answers, are found in the speech. 

Many of his points remind me of Jeff's previous posts on legal training for vision, responsibility, and entrepreneurship...and I hope Jeff will take a look at the speech and offer some examples and insights, or disagreements, from his own experiences from a perspective and academic-transition background similar to Heineman's.

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