Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Gantz on Vietnam's Legal Profession and Global Trade

Posted by Alan Childress
David Gantz (Univ. of Ariz., Law), pictured right, has posted on SSRN his new article:  "Doi Moi, the VBTA and WTO Accession: The Role of Lawyers in Vietnam's No Longer Cautious Embrace of Globalization."   ItsGantz_1 abstract is:

During the past thirty years, Vietnam has evolved from a closed, Communist/socialist state with little respect for the rule of law -- or lawyers -- to a still-socialist state but one which is increasingly driven by market forces, global competition, and development of a well-functioning and predictable legal system. The article traces this process from the end of the Vietnam War, through the initial economic opening under “Doi Moi,” to negotiation of the bilateral trade agreement with the United States and, finally, to the WTO accession process. In each instance, emphasis is placed on the growing role that the law and lawyers have played in a remarkable embrace of globalization.


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