Monday, January 8, 2007

Don't Kill Your Wife [And Use a Checklist]

Posted by Alan Childress
While blogger Is That Legal? newly posts on stupid spouse-killers, I'm reminded of the story that long-time New Orleans sportscaster Vince Marinello is accused of turning his lowgrade OCD into a527196_old_man_waiting_1 virtual confession.  His estranged wife was, surveillance tapes showed, shot by a man wearing a hirsute disguise who rode off on a bike.  Then authorties searched his FEMA trailer:  "In the trailer, To_do_list____or_not_to_dolis the sheriff said, they found a handwritten checklist of the alleged plans for the attack," reported the AP.  A later story by UPI alleged more details of the to-do list: 

There were meticulous checks beside each entry that included the words "mustache and beard," "bicycle" and "gun," .... There was even a reminder to discard the weapon, police alleged.


122991_14356075_4Discard this to-do list

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