Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top Ten Social Skills Warning Signs

I can't recall why this file is on my computer, or where it comes from, but my sneaking suspicion isList that I wrote it at some point in my checkered past.  It is a top ten list of social skill warnings of which law firms need to take note when interviewing law students (particularly those who are going to be making $150,000 or more to start).

10.  Candidate appears to believe “finger food” means biting one’s nails.

9.    Pulls out cell phone and sends text message to friend who is interviewing upstairs.

8.    First ten minutes of interview is spent discussing the relative merits of Old Spice and Axe body sprays.

7.    Candidate unbuttons suit jacket, revealing four inches of exposed Homer Simpson boxer shorts.

6.    In response to “what can I tell you about us?” candidate inquires whether the firm has a policy on downloading internet porn.

5.    “Most significant accomplishment” answer involves the phrases “college drunk” and “blow chunks.”

4.    Concession to “business attire” is a backwards fitted baseball cap.

3.    Candidate refers to contracts professor as a “law weenie.”

2.    Seeing picture of family on male partner's desk, candidate asks “was your wife pregnant when they took this?”

1.    On belching at lunch, instead of simple apology, chants:  “Excuse me, please it was so rude, it was not me, it was my food, it got so lonely down below, it just popped up to say hello.”

[Jeff Lipshaw]


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