Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Toys For History-Buff Tots Just In Time For Generic-Holiday Giving

Posted by Alan Childress

Beyond the always-recommended tattoo maker, LPB submits for your consideration toy U.S. Grant_figure_3Presidents.  Such "political action figures" actually speak famous quotes, but have small parts so they cannot be used unsupervised by kids under age 8 (unlike the tattooer's age 6).  Legal historian Philip Katz (GW [shown right, not actual size]) recommends the Ulysses S Grant as "a president who believes in what he says."

The maker says:  "Our products endorse the democratic system of government itself."  Does your toy do that?  This company knows stuff the rest of us are only guessing at:  its replicas of Jesus or Moses each are an "action figure...realistic down to the finest detail and comes with an Individual Certificate of Authenticity."  As, by the way, with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Laura Bush, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don't know if the Hillary action figure runs.  But I do know that "Jesus Ships Immediately!"  Ah, what would Linus say about that?

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