Friday, December 1, 2006

Review Sessions, Exams and Other Exercises in Paranoia

Wittgenstein First, we could do a Wittgensteinian philosophy of language riff on what is posted over at Law Librarian Blog with regard to ambiguous exam questions, or just laugh.

Second, I'm about to roll into the second of my review sessions (classes ended yesterday).  A full semester's good will and reputation as a "nice guy (for a prof)" evaporates as I get in touch with my inner snark, particularly in regard to (a) any question that starts with "are we responsible for...", given that I have repeated ad nauseum that we are responsible for anything in the readings or discussed in class; and (b) any matter that could have been answered by reference to my copious postings on TWEN (e.g., is the exam open book?  will you tell how many points each question is worth?).

I almost incited a riot yesterday yesterday when in response to the question "will we need a calculator?" I uttered the infamous three words:  "let me think...."

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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