Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Legal Aid Attorneys and Others Get Easy Access to Federal Practice Manual

Posted by Alan Childress
The Shriver Center on Poverty Law has this announcement for legal aid attorneys and interested parties:

The first five chapters of the 2006 Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys, edited by Jeffrey S. Gutman, Professor of Clinical Law and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at George Washington University Law School and published by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, are available now in HTML format. This is the updated version of the Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys published in 2004. This version of the Manual includes hyperlinks to federal statutes, Supreme Court Case citations, and case pleadings available through the Shriver Center’s Poverty Law Library. Chapters Gutman6-9, as well as a documentary supplement that includes annotated model pleadings, are still being edited and will be posted online soon.

The HTML format with highly practical links is found here.  For example, chapter 4 takes readers step-by-step through drafting and filing a complaint. The document supplement contains a detailed annotated sample complaint.

A PDF format of the book (including  2004 versions of the remaining chapters) is linked here.  Congratulations to my GW colleague Jeff Gutman [pictured] for this important project. (And HatTip to Elder Law Prof for its letting us know.)


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