Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Demographics, Credentials, and Stratification Within the Plaintiffs' Bar

Over at the Empirical Legal Studies blog, Indiana's Bill Henderson offers an interesting and promising post, Where Did High-End Plaintiffs' Lawyers Go To Law School?  Interesting because his very preliminary findings get past demographic trivia and elitist assumptions to pose some good questions, and promising because it is a long-term research project he foreshadows there.  Says Bill: "I would like to parse out how social forces and individual skills and personality traits (e.g., risk adversion, extroversion, affect recognition) impact the career trajectories of young lawyers.  The plaintiffs' bar might be a good place to start."  We are looking forward to it.  So is Paul Caron, who posted on Tax Prof here about Bill's stats, and asks whether similar data exist for tax practice.  Bill is certainly correct in implying that, in terms of sociology and economics, it is time to stop presenting (or studying) plaintiffs' lawyers as a single entity or only ambulance chasers.  [Alan Childress]


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