Thursday, December 14, 2006

Beyond Zealousness

In his "very first case handled on his own" a Pennsylvania attorney was disbarred for his representation of a client in a child support matter. The lawyer came to believe that audiotapes of court proceedings had been altered and that the transcripts failed to accurately reflect what had been said in court. After failed motions to "correct the record" he began to accuse the presiding judge of criminal alteration of the tapes in a series of letters, pleadings, court filings and affidavits and in internet posts. The Disciplinary Board found that his accusations were false. The attorney was "truly unfit to practice law" and "was prepared to fight his case in any way possible, including making false and injurious accusations against a judge in a persistent manner through a number of years and to a variety of audiences."

The Supreme Court adopted the Disciplinary Board's report, ending a brief but turbulent career at the Bar.

[Mike Frisch]

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