Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yet Another Reason it Sucks to be the Governor's Daughter

For instance, your colleagues leak your emails.  Headline and first paragraphs from AP (?!) and found in today's online New York Lawyer:

Emily Pataki, Now NY Biglaw Associate, Fails Bar Exam on First Try

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Emily Pataki, like the late John F. Kennedy Jr., has failed the New York state bar exam on her first attempt.

Pataki, the eldest daughter of Republican Gov. George Pataki and, like her father, a graduate of Columbia University Law School, informed colleagues at the White & Case law firm in New York City in an e-mail memo Tuesday that she failed the exam. A copy of her e-mail was obtained by the New York Observer weekly newspaper and reported Tuesday on its political Web site.

My 2 cents:  You know what?  The bar exam is hard.  Brilliant people have failed it.  It'll be tough, Emily, but hang in there.  This will be a distant memory soon enough and you will do great things in law.  Anyway, this is not news and should not be an AP or NYL story.  [Alan Childress]

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Memo to self: Never send an e-mail that would cause me embarrassment if it were to appear on a blog posting.

Posted by: tim zinnecker | Nov 16, 2006 2:42:05 PM

First off, what the heck is this supposed to convey "Emily Pataki, like the late John F. Kennedy Jr., has failed the New York state bar exam on her first attempt." ???

And second, call me cynical but this begs 2 questions. 1) is it more who you know that what you know to get ahead? and 2) Is there a problem with the Columbia grading system giving students a false sense of security?

Posted by: Bob | Nov 17, 2006 8:05:16 AM

You make it sound like Emily Pataki is some sort of prodigy. I grew up in New York and as a kid your taught that hard work pays off. After living in Albany I learned that this is so far from the truth. It seems that the children of the wealthy and politically connected in New York always seem to have all of the opportunities. My case in point is her fathers appointees in state government. There was supposed to be a hiring freeze on state jobs a few years back which is the the major employer in the Albany area. Though all of Pataki's cronys children seem to somehow find high paying state work, hmm. I remember seeing these little brats drunk at the bars every night of the week and on a few occasions I was threatened by these hacks being told the famous line "Do you know who my dad knows". I am so Glad the Republicans are done in New York, I hope Elliot Spitzer exposes all of Pataki's appointees for the usless frauds that they are and bar them from working in NY State Government. Pataki went crazy over Cuomo for doing the same thing, although Cuomo's administration helped everyone, not just donors.

Posted by: Finnisteria | Dec 2, 2006 11:34:06 AM

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