Friday, November 17, 2006

Thunderdome: Bar Counsel Group to Hold February Meeting Dangerously Near PR Lawyer Camp (Or: Carpe Per Diem)

Posted by Alan Childress
The National Organization of Bar Counsel (NOBC) will hold its mid-year meeting in Florida, with details to come. "Everyone’s tired of winter by February, so why not join your NOBC colleagues for a great program at the Mid-Year Meeting in Miami from February 7 through 10, 2007?  We’ll be holding our meetings at the Don Shula Hotel and Golf Club, which is 431057_miami_skyline3northwest of Miami in Miami Lakes."  Hold the date.

The Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL) announces its mid-year meeting: "Sunny Miami Beach is APRL’s next destination. We will be enjoying a view of the boardwalk and beach from our meeting room at the Courtyard Miami Beach Oceanfront... we will enjoy our traditional Friday night group dinner at a hot spot in South Beach."  The dates: February 8-10, 2007; the dowloadable form is here.  Hold the date.

It is apparent that the two camps will meet by canoe across Miami Lakes for the winner-take-all Annual Ethics Elympic Games on which the good guys' continued ownership of the camp inexplicably hinges.  It is predicted that the Aprl Zeals will take the egg-tossing event and the SOX race, but the Nobc Naughtybusters will come back strong in both the third-handed race and the tug-of-warrant.  The inevitable tie will be broken by a cross-country race where a now middle-aged and paunchy Wudy the Wabbit Esq., inspired by coach Bill 'Tripper' Murray, hopes to get the jump yet again on his more athletic opponent, this time through everglades.

Note on the philosophy of 'Seize the Expense Account':  It is generally considered "unethical" to submit receipts for both meetings in an attempt to double the reimbursement and MCLE hours.  It is even worse to show slides from both events to your next-door neighbor.

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