Saturday, November 4, 2006

Parties, Interest Groups, and DOJ Are Lawyering Up for Elections

The New York Times reports, in "As Vote Nears, Parties Prepare for Legal Fights," about the mobilization efforts and prep nationwide for election lawyers on all sides.  The Dems have 7000 lawyers lined up.  Interest groups including the NAACP and People for the American Way are ready to go too, and the DOJ has 800 lawyers on the job--its highest number ever in a year without a presidency at stake.  They are going to 65 cities.

The Democrats perceived, as reported by the Times, they were underlawyered before all over, and in Ohio the chair says, “We’re not going to make the mistake we did last time, which was to wait until after the election for litigation.” 

UPDATE:  Also lawyering up for election day were Kevin Federline as well as Britney Spears. That will be covered on a post for Monday November 13.  [Alan Childress]

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