Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Orleans (and Tulane) Are More Than Still Alive: Parts Are Vibrant

Posted by Alan Childress
I'm not on-topic at all, but Frank Pasquale just nails it here on Concurring Opinions, on the mixed message of New Orleans:  parts are inexplicably and unforgivably the same as Sept. 05, others are 241406_nwalins_scenery_2 thriving, beautiful, and well worth visiting or living in.  I fear that the latter message is like the Who people before the little kid on Horton piped up.  I had the same phone conversation today with a well-read and educated law professor at another school that I have had so many times with so many people--the same question reported to me by Tulane colleagues in November interviewing [great] candidates for the AALS FRC in D.C., when they themselves ran into well-meaning and smart professors too from law schools all over... 
         That Groundhog Day question we all get?  "Is Tulane having classes yet? "  The answer is Yes -- since Jan. 06 in fact -- and all caught up, thanks to the commitment of amazing students and devoted teachers and staff all willing to do class on Saturdays and school through June.  And a new 1L class every bit as amazing (and incidentally as highly test-scored) as the ones before.  They want to be part of something bigger than themselves and saw Tulane as an opportunity of a lifetime, which it is (as is Loyola, by the way, also relatively blessed by location on uptown's higher ground, and having devoted profs and committed students).  With all the work left to be done in the region, some of it generously by the law schools' community itself, the reality is that Tulane's glass is not just half-full, it has been brimming for nearly a year now in a way that cannot be explained.  That is my impression of Loyola and many other city mainstays as well.  (So the question is not, in fact, Ned Ryerson asking if I have enough insurance.  Watch out for that step, it's a doozy.)
             Thanks, Frank, for seeing both sides on your trip.

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