Friday, November 17, 2006

More on the Super-Lawyers Banished From Metropolis, New Jersey

The New Jersey AG's office has now filed its response brief to the state's restrictive rules against advertising with one of those "Super Lawyers" or "The Best Lawyers in America" designations, says this story.  The NJ Supreme Court will have to decide the fate of such rating services, which were virtually put out of business there by an earlier ban on attorneys' use of the designations--the country's toughest such ban--on which Jeff had previously posted.  The AG brief supports the ban but in a more qualified way that may leave the Court room for doing what some other states do: allow the designation with apt disclaimer. (The July 24 ban by the Court's advisory committee on advertising had even forbidden lawyers from participating in the selection process! Thus, future ratings in NJ must be based on lawyer brain volume only, no subjective surveys.)  Presumably, then, New Jersey has no place for the ultimate super-lawyer, Attorney Man, or even Daredevil or possibly Batman himself.  [Alan Childress]

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