Monday, November 27, 2006

More Misbehavior in Ohio

by Mike Frisch

This seems to be the season of unrestrained impulses for some Ohio lawyers. An attorney employed by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives was suspended for an indefinite period of not less than two years for "appearing before [at least 30 women] completely naked and photographing their reactions." The local media bestowed on the lawyer the name "The Naked Photographer". He pled guilty to 53 misdemeanor offenses. The court considered but gave little weight to testimony from the lawyer's treating doctor, the associate director of the Ohio Bar's lawyer assistance program and his ex-wife. Of particular concern was testimony that one with the attorney's diagnosis "if unable to achieve satisfaction from one form of acting out, is likely to seek another outlet, even stalking and rape." Further, the court was concerned about the lack of remorse and the possibility that the condition was feigned.  The story was reported by the Ohio Supreme Court here.

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