Monday, November 27, 2006

End of Story on Naked Prosecutor Arrested in Ohio

Posted by Alan Childress

The blog Legal Ethics Forum already uncovered the story of an Ohio prosecutor arrested when caught idly wandering through city offices without his legal briefs.  Then LPB noted here the Seattle prosecutors caught having sex in the bathroom stalls during a Seahawks game (only the male prosecutor was arrested, for being in the ladies' room, because the female prosecutor was allowed to be there [answering the question other blogs have pondered]).  LPB particularly worried that "Law & Order" would make this one of their "ripped from the headlines" episodes featuring Fred Dalton Thompson, accompanied by that donk-donk musical cue.

Now the end to the Ohio tale:  today Law.Com (via AP) reported here that charges were dropped against defendant streaker, due to his being charged under the wrong law.  (One can only hope this causes a one-year moratorium in that area of DAs complaining that defendants use technicalities.)  The defendant's lawyer further noted that his client "was suffering from a bad reaction to medication prescribed for depression and to control seizures related to a 2005 traffic accident."  (That defense is not quite Old School, but it does bring Will Ferrell eerily to mind.) LPB anticipates this sad but inevitable headline soon in a Columbus newspaper:  "Homeland Security Raid Finds Buckeye Frat House Hording New Drug."

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